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Remote support service that brings resolution.

Web-based remote support solution that allows screen-sharing of customer's monitor
to resolve issues whenever, wherever.

anysupport video edition

ANYSUPPORT Video Edition

Video solution allowing real-time screen-sharing between a smartphone camera view and a remote PC. Android devices: Samsung, LG smartphone.
iOS devices: iPhone 5S (iOS 9.0) and later


What is ANYSUPPORT Video Edition?

anysupport video edition

ANYSUPPORT Video assists agents and customers to screen-share things happening on-site in real-time via smartphone camera. Since the travel time to visit the site in person is reduced, faster process is guaranteed and companies can cut costs on unnecessary workforce. The video edition can help you overcome the limitations of verbal communication and avoid unneeded visits from wrong diagnosis of the issue. It can be used in technical support center, insurance company, and other various areas.

Video Edition Main Features

Two-way voice call between agent and customer

Apart from the speakerphone function, the program has a built-in voice transmitting function (sound input/output device is required on the agent side).

Supports PC, mobile, and video in one solution

Agents can remotely control the customer's PC and mobile with a single program, and use ANYSUPPORT video. Because you can support multiple customers at the same time, you can do business more efficiently.

Protocols optimized for audio, video, and multimedia

Our certified technology is integrated with protocols optimized for multimedia to ensure the best performance. In addition, we designed the interface with user-friendliness in mind by adding functions necessary for camera control.

Video Edition Main Functions

ANYSUPPORT Video offers various functions required for screen transmission and control.

Share smartphone camera view in real time.
Agent can change the position of the customer’s camera by using the provided arrow tool/icon.
Rotate the display view at different angles.
Change display option to low, normal, or high quality.
Auto-focus in a single click.
Turn on/off camera flash (useful for dark rooms).
Option to select smartphone camera (front or rear-facing).
Encryption: AES encryption
Display remote session: Display “in remote session” in the lower right corner of the screen
Pause: Temporarily stop screen-sharing
Drawing function on customer’s screen (red, yellow, blue-colored pen, line, rectangle, circle, eraser functions)
Additional functions
Agent screen control: Agent and customer can turn on/off the agent’s screen.
Speakerphone: Agent and customer can turn on/off the speakerphone.
Frequently used text: Save frequently used text in a shortcut key.
Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the current view.
Record: Record and save the video session.
Chat: Send instant messages to customer.
Guide: Activate/deactivate guide function located on the left of the viewer.