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Main Functions ▲
Real-time screen-sharing of a remote PC.
Remote Control
Allows use of all functions of a remote PC through keyboard and mouse control
File Transfer (Drag and Drop)
Drag and drop, copy and paste, and two-way file transfer between the customer and the agent PC.
Supports real-time chat between customers and agents. Chat history can be saved for management.
Assists customer support by allowing agents to directly draw on the customer's screen. Both users can draw, as well as point with a cursor.
Multiple Monitors
Even in the case where cusotmers hav emultiple displays, agents can easily view all of their screens like in their own PC.
Reboot and Reconnect
Automatic reconnection to customer's PC after rebooting customer PC.
Safe Mode Remote Support
Offers remote support in safe mode, and access device in safe mode after reboot.
Multiple Sessions (Up to X)
One agent can form up to x sessions at the same time to provide remote support to multiple customers.
Security and Encryption
Video data on the remote PC is secured with AES-256 encryption, while customer and session number information are protected by SSL.
Firewall, Proxy, and Tunneling Protocol
Automatic compatibility with private network using a firewall, proxy, and IP router for quick support.
Mouse and Keyboard Lock
Agents can turn on/off customer's mouse and keyboard.
True Color
Supports 2, 4, 16 and 256-bit true color (color depth). Option to change the resolution during remote session also available.
Standalone (Non-ActiveX)
Customers can easily connect for remote support without installing additional programs if they have ActiveX on their browser. If not, they can simply download our installer, which can set up to be automatically deleted after the session.
Multiple Browsers Supported
Supports all web browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari)
Copy and Paste
By sharing a clipboard, the agent and customer can use copy and paste function between the computers.
Customer Access Options
Customers can connect in a single click with the number button generated by the agent. Connection through a one-time password also optional.
Additional Functions ▼
Partial Screen Sharing
Share only a specific part of the screen by dragging.
Specific Application Sharing
Share only a specific application.
Take a screenshot of the customer's PC and save to agent's PC in real-time. This can be used during customer support to troubleshoot issues.
Record all remote support sessions in real-time. Besides the video, audio from the conversation and device can also be recorded.
Remote Printing
Shared documents during remote support can be printed on the customer's end without using file transfer.
Remote Audio
Agents can remotely hear sound from customer's computer in real-time.
View System Info
View detailed system information of remote PC. This allows quick analysis of an error.
View Process Info
View and manage processes running on remote PC. Force-quit is also available.
Voice Chat
Voice chat (over internet) is avialable for consultation during remote session.
Share and Control Agent Screen
Agent screen can be sent to the customer's end to view or to perform remote control by the customer.
Start Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
Run task manager or restart computer.
Send URL
Specified URL is sent to the customer's computer and automatically directly via web browser.
Favorites (Folder, Program, URL)
Send and automatically open frequently visited folder and program path.
Program Setting
Change transfer rate and video quality settings according to the network and customer PC specifications.
Display Setting
Customer’s display is automatically optimized for remote view, and can be easily adjusted to different zoom levels (50%, 75%, etc).
Change Resolution
If the computers have different display resolutions, the resolution is automatically optimized to fit agent’s display.
Copy and send information on the clipboard.
Share screen and use it like a whiteboard.
Remote Mouse Cursor
Follows customer's mouse cursor.
Teamwork and Security ▼
Invite Another Agent
Invite another agent to share and control screen for additional help after remote support session start.
Screen-Sharing with Another Agent
Screen-sharing with another agent during a remote session.
Black Screen
Turn remote screen black to hide screen from other viewers.
Verification Code
6-digit access code is randomly generated, only allowing one-time access per code to prevent random reconnection.
Display “In Remote Session” on customer PC
To ensure customer privacy, an image/text indicating “in remote session” is displayed on the customer’s screen.
Require Consent
Request a consent from the customer for remote control in advance. Remote control can only start after agreement is made.
Management and Reports ▼
Admin Page
Administrator page provided to create, edit and remove agent accounts.
Statistics and Reports
Statistics generated by issue type, time period, month, day, hour and agent.
Change Customer Portal Setting
Function allowing customers to change support portal page.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Invitation to take a customer satisfaction survey after remote support session.
Session Log
Store and manage session details (conversation, issue, etc) from session.
Record start/end time, duration, and other details from the session. Also available to download these data as an excel file.