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Remote support service that brings resolution.

Web-based remote support solution that allows screen-sharing of customer's monitor
to resolve issues whenever, wherever.

anysupport mobile edition

ANYSUPPORT Mobile Edition

Remote support solution that can provide customer service not just to PCs, but to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Android devices: All Samsung and LG models are supported. Other android devices may have limitations.
iOS devices: Real-time screen-sharing supported, while real-time control is not due to Apple’s policy.

Remote support available for all Samsung mobile devices. Other Android devices may have limited functions (LG, Pantech, etc.)


What is ANYSUPPORT Mobile?

anysupport mobile edition

ANYSUPPORT Mobile provides full support to various mobile devices with our top-of-the-line, proven remote technology. When a customer's mobile device is malfunctioning, it is possible to view the screen directly and provide customer support without visiting the service center. When companies use ANYSUPPORT Mobile, they experience an increase in work efficiency from shortened customer support time, reduced number of trips, and improved customer satisfaction with quicker troubleshooting.

Mobile Edition Main Features

Smart mobile remote support

Remote support is available for various mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), not just PC or MAC. ANYSUPPORT Mobile provides the same user experience as being on-site, in front of an actual computer with an intuitive and convenient interface.

PC and mobile, at once

The agent can perform remote support for multiple customers’ computers and mobile devices at the same time. Integrated, centralized remote support is attainable by supporting all web browsers and operating systems

Ensures fast, stable connection

Innovative, fast remote control for both agents and customers, our solution ensures a stable connection even within the latest mobile network (3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi). In addition, it provides encrypted communication (256-bit) for remote data transmission and reception for secure remote support.

Mobile Edition Main Functions

ANYSUPPORT Mobile provides numerous functions for mobile devices.

Remote Control
Screen-sharing: Share customer’s smart device screen in real-time
Touch control: Touch-control/.interaction for customer's Android device
Mult-touch: Multiple touch-control for customer's Android device
Keyboard input: Use keyboard inputs for customer's Android device
Basic key input: Use home, back, menu keys
Send gesture: Zoom in/out, swipe left/right for Android device
Stop/start: Stop/start touch control
Change display quality: Option to set display quality to low, normal, or high
Zoom: Zoom in/out on mobile view
Refresh: Manually refresh screen
Screenshot: Take screenshot of smart device screen
Reconnection: Reconnect with agent after disconnection
Encryption: AES encryption
Display remote session: Display “in remote session” in the lower right corner of the screen
Pause: Temporarily stop screen-sharing
Block apps: Request for consent when other apps are running
File transfer
Two-way file transfer
Chat: Instant messaging with customer
Send message: Send a brief message to customer
Invite: Invite another agent to the session
Drawing: Draw on customer's screen
Laser pointer: Laser point on customer's screen
Additional functions
System info: View system info of the customer's smart device
Process info: View process info and memory of customer's smart device
Quick settings: Control frequently used functions in one click
Installed apps: View and control installed apps on smart device
Log: View log information on smart device
Volume control: Control the volume of smart device
Speakerphone: Turn on/off speakerphone
URL: Send URL to customer's device
Save screen: Save current screen
Record screen: Record current screen
Favorites: Pop-up view of frequentl used setting and URL